Floor Sawing

Flat or slab sawing is the term given to the process of sawing on flat or horizontal surfaces such as slabs , suspended slabs, bridge, highways, and asphalt roadway.  Our saws range from 5 horse power to our 72 horse power and are powered by either a gasoline, diesel, or electric motor.

We are capable of saw cutting to a depth of 650mm, should you have a situation that calls for deeper saw cutting, we will have a solution for you.

Key Benefits

  • Slab sawing is the fastest most cost effective way to cut concrete slabs, bridge decks, and roadways.
  • Slab sawing is extremely useful in speeding up the removal process.
  • Wall sawing causes no vibration or damage to the remaining structure.

Slab Cutting
Floor Sawing to 250mm slab thickness

Slab Cutting
Floor Sawing to 150mm slab thickness

Slab Opening

Slab Cutting

Slab and wall cutting

After cut concrete sections

Floor Slab CuttingFloor Slab Cutting sections

Floor Slab Cutting sections

Remove of concrete pieces after cutting